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Reiki Treatments

Reiki healingDuring a Reiki treatment energy is channeled out through the Reiki practitioner's hands, which are then placed on the recipient, who reclines or sits comfortably. The Reiki practitioner's hands are placed over the major energy centers of the body and energy flows to the internal organs and throughout the nervous system. Each treatment takes about one hour.

Relaxation and warmth are usually felt by the client as stresses and strains of day to day life start to dissolve. Reiki is both restorative and preventative. Because of the healing properties of Reiki, anyone can benefit from receiving a Reiki treatment. A recipient may be healthy and want to stay that way, or may like to have the loving support of Reiki while addressing a specific health concern or life issue/situation. Reiki can be utilized alongside both conventional and alternative medicine and therapies.

Reiki treatments are available at our Malibu and West Los Angeles locations, or in the comfort of your own home.

Distance Healing

One of the remarkable qualities or Reiki is that it can be sent long distance. You can experience all the benefits of a full Reiki treatment from anywhere in the world.

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Reiki Circles


A Reiki circle is a gathering of people who are interested in Reiki. This can include anyone from complete beginners who have only heard the word "Reiki," to advanced practitioners who have been practicing Reiki for decades. Reiki circles are used to explain, teach, and share, including hands-on healing—giving and receiving Reiki.

The Reiki circles are beneficial for both beginners and practitioners, beginners get the experience of a Reiki treatment and practitioners get the opportunity to practice on people who are genuinely interested in Reiki. Join us, meet like-minded people and make Reiki friends.

The Reiki Training Institute holds a Open Reiki Circle every third Sunday of each month and a Reiki Practitioner Circle every first Sunday of each month. Click here for more information about our Reiki circles.

Community Outreach Program

The Reiki Training Institute has presented Reiki introduction and demonstrations in Los Angeles, Europe and Asia. A Reiki introduction and demonstration is a wonderful way to introduce the benefits of Reiki to any office, wellness center, rehabilitation center, hospital or clinic. The program consists of a guided meditation, a short lecture on the history and origin of Reiki and a 15 minute Reiki treatment offered to anyone at the location who is interested in experiencing Reiki for themselves.

Community Reiki Circle

Our Next Reiki Circles:

Practitioners Reiki Circle ~ Sunday, March 11th

Community Reiki Circle ~ Sunday, March 25th

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Click here for more information about our Reiki circles.


"Reiki has been such a blessing in my life.  My heart has opened more, and my overall love for life has increased. I also feel more relaxed. Thank you, Thea."
~Tree Daley, Hair Stylist 

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